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    The Kine Line Logistics Ltd. is a full-service logistics company, headquartered in Hong Kong, the major line of business are international air transport, international express, international shipping LTL, warehousing at Hongkong of air and ocean shipping business, declare customs or agency business; who is the trusted enterprise within the industry. The company was originated in December 1998, King Line Logistics Ltd has set up the branch in many places, such as Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shanghai, Ningbo and others, it has a complete set of logistics management.

    From the founding of the company to the present, it has throughing the incessant struggle and development, and accumulated rich experience in the industry; forged a capable , professional service teams, and established the long-term friendly relations with large number of customers from abroad. Now, with the company's excellent location, highly qualified professionals, advanced enterprise management and logistics network technology, King Line Logistics Ltd in air transport, express, ocean shipping and other services are mature development ---- compete for reducing the logistics costs, and providing the high-quality, full range of supporting services for customers. Hundreds of boats sail and race., King Line Logistics Ltd will win the initiative for our service, will give your career development of direct and effective protection.

    Corporate Culture:
Company name originated from: Hundreds of boats sail and race
Company tenet: First-class service, Customer satisfaction
Working Guideline: Professional, active, efficient and confidential

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